Monday, January 21, 2013

Brazil Butt Lift - 2 weeks in

Well, I certainly don't look like this yet (or probably ever really)...

However, I am loving the work outs and already noticing results!  

The workouts are fast paced and I will admit I underestimated them at first.  I'm not sure if I think I'm in better shape than I am really am or if I just tend to underestimate "it's so fun I didn't even remember I was working out" kind of workouts.  But, it works your butt off...literally.

The first time I did the Cardio Axe (dance, baby dance) it was the coordination extravaganza anyone who knows me might expect.  (I work out early in the morning, when I am utterly alone!)  After several times of doing this workout, I am starting to get it.  I'm not ready to do this workout in front of anyone or star in the next DVD, but at least I'm getting the hang of it!  And believe me when I say "If I can do it you can do it"!

The other workouts are hard, but not dance-y so, admittedly I like them better.  

I've been sore in places on my behind I didn't know existed.  He does moves that I've never seen in other workouts and get results.  I've already lost 1/2 inch on each thigh.  (I haven't measured anywhere else.)  I'm sure that once I get my tummy and mouth on the health train I'll see even more.  As for now, I'm giving it a BIG THUMBS UP!! 

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  1. Hey Rachelle, cute blog! I have seen this on infomercials and wondered if it really worked - my butt is the one thing I wish I could shrink the most. Good to know! And the valentine printables are darling - I used one already!