Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The butt has lifted...

Okay, so I don't really know how much the butt has lifted but up it has gone.

Brazil Butt Lift Review...

So, here is what I like about the program:
1.)  I like that I can workout at home - you will come to find that I am workout DVD fan!

2.)   I didn't have to buy a bunch of extras.  The only other item you need for the program are a set of light hand weights (which I already own and are cheap if you don't) and some ankle weight (which you could get away without - though I think it's worth the trip to Walmart and the $10!)

3.)  The workouts has moves I hadn't ever seen before.  I am not any kind of fitness expert, but I've done a lot of gym classes as well as tons of workout videos; many of the use the same moves, so coming across some I've never seen before is always exciting.

4.)  It's specific to your body type!  I loved this feature.  You get to choose what your booty type is - he has 4 to choose from, including a combination choice if you aren't sure.  Though it kills me that one of the choices was the "Too Big" booty type.  Don't big booty's deserve more respect than that?

5.)  You can choose your time frame.  Well, within a four week parameter.  Each booty type has a 4 week program written for it and once you've finished your program (I was "Pear Shaped") you can continue on to the "Combination" plan for another 4 weeks or look through the program and pattern of workout and pretty easily come up with your own schedule.

6.)  You feel the BURN!  The first workout is the Bum Bum workout that is totally cardio and totally focuses on the BUTT!  Needless to say, I was SORE on day 2.  However, and this is something I love about these workout programs, the schedule is set to your recover and keep on moving.  The workouts kept me moving and recovering so I wasn't wincing my way through the workouts.

Now, for the few things I didn't love...

1.)  Sweat people!  These were those workout videos that the girls had perfect hair and make-up and didn't hardly glisten.  I know I'm  not in the best shape, but there were some workouts I was dripping and the girls were all smiles and no sweat.  Call me crazy or vain or needy, but I like to see the people in the videos struggling just a bit - it makes me feel better about myself!

2.)  Cardio Axe...this was the cardio workout that's included in the program.  It wasn't awful and you did get your heart rate up, but I didn't like it.  It was a dance "fun"-type, feel sexy kind of workout.  Now for someone like my sister, who teaches Jazzercise, this is great.  For people like me who run, if for no other reason than lack of coordination needed, not so much.  You do this workout a lot in the program and I got better, but I'm not one to shake the booty and feel sexy in my family room at 5am (Yes, that is when I work out.).  In the last 2 weeks I had some days that I was able to run and did that instead.



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  1. Good info! I was thinking about doing that next!! And BTW I don't teach Jazzercise anymore.